Network System

Get more out of your wireless network.

With our Networks System Service, we provide signal boosting technologies for our clients so they can enjoy maximized internet speed anywhere in their space. Who doesn’t love the joy of getting the most out of what they pay for?

We do this with the help of the client’s inputs along with our years of experience to find the most effective places to install the routers leaving their space effectively covered in all areas.

Network Engineering

With existing network we analyze, find the error(s), and/or give an upgrade for the system.

Our Network Engineering service includes an initial review of existing networks, and if an error is detected we give the client recommendations on how to proceed to fix the error. After this process, if the client decides to go with our service we give them a quote along with the opportunity to browse our shop to find their item(s) of interest. We then procced to delivering on the day of installation.

Security System

From surveillance to alarm systems, we provide the right technology to help you sleep better at night. With our Security System Service, we provide two-parts service: Alarms & Monitor, and Security Camera.

Our alarm Security System Service has a full-scale security panel to satisfy all of our clients’ needs. Per the client’s requests, we also offer and install door monitors, windows monitors, even heat sensors for added security. We pride ourselves in total security and discretion so cameras are placed in strategic places leaving no blind spots. 

Clients have the choice to connect our security system service with an existing security company or leave it as it is. A plus to our security system service is we offer our clients the privilege to call in case of all emergencies.

Shopping Center

Browse our selection of items to make sure that your space has all the networking, and security equipments that it needs.

We have selected the best items just for you that meet all of security needs. Our shop gives you the freedom of someone from our team of experts coming to install it for you or choose from our delivery methods below:
* We delivery ourselves when we go to do the work
* Items are shipped directly to your address for self-installation.

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